Gimbal Fee Schedule

If not otherwise defined herein, capitalized terms shall have the meaning provided in the Gimbal Subscription and Product Agreement (located at or if not defined in the Gimbal Subscription and Product Agreement, the common understanding of such terms.

A.        Service Fees*

Below is a schedule of self-serve platform options. Please contact us at sales to discuss enterprise, reseller, or system integrator options.

Gimbal Fee Tiers











# of Places at the end of the calendar month





Active Users (Monthly Active Users at the end of calendar month)





Place Visits (Completed Place Visits)





Number of Activated Beacons at the end of the calendar month





Gimbal reserves the right to automatically charge the credit card on file for your account on or before the 10th of each month based on tiers listed above for the usage of Gimbal services from the prior month. Gimbal calculates usage based on aggregated counts across your combined Gimbal Organizations and/or customer accounts.

If usage is higher than Pro tier limits, you will be charged $499 for the prior month’s usage, and you will be contacted by a sales team member to discuss custom pricing based on your needs.

Gimbal reserves the right to terminate your application and access to Gimbal Manager account for non-payment.


An "Active User" is any user whose use of an Application makes a call to the Gimbal Solution servers during the applicable calendar month. If a client has more than one Application, each Application downloaded by the user generating a call to the Gimbal Solution servers during the applicable calendar month will create a separate Active User.

A “Place” in Gimbal system can consist of:

  1. A single geofence (e.g. a shopping mall), or
  2. One or more beacon (e.g. beacons placed near all venue doors abstracting a place called ‘door’), or
  3. One or more beacons and a geofence (e.g. a theater with beacons in each screen room with a geofence around the entire theater)

A “Place Visit” is an analytics events which includes both an entry and subsequent exit events from a Place.

B.        Device Fees*

Subject to available stock on hand and the terms and conditions set forth in the Device Supply Agreement (located at The cost to purchase each Beacon can be found at

*All prices in U.S. dollars and are subject to change.

Effective Date: May 25, 2018